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TOOL MANAGEMENT 360° - KROMI's innovative business model



Market changes and massive fluctuations in sales are currently putting additional pressure on the manufacturing industry. As a result, the costs for indirect processes and the company's own infrastructure, such as warehouse costs and purchasing expenses, are coming under particular scrutiny. This is because cost reductions in these areas have a direct and almost immediate impact on profits! More and more companies are coming to the conclusion that, below the line, it definitely pays off to outsource parts of these areas to system suppliers whose special business model takes over the lion's share of these indirect expenses.

In the field of tool supply, KROMI Logistik AG has been successful on the market for over 20 years as a multi-vendor, manufacturer-independent partner with an innovative business model. On the basis of an individual supply contract, we supply you with all the tools relevant to your production from a single source – if need be, around the clock and 365 days a year. All the orders are either triggered directly by withdrawals from our KTC automatic tool dispensers or placed and processed online via our eProcurement system. This eliminates your expenses for purchasing, warehousing and logistics almost entirely.

But that's not all: with our new TOOL MANAGEMENT 360° concept, we have developed a unique range of services from our four areas of expertise – TOOLS, LOGISTICS, TECHNOLOGY and DATA – that covers all aspects of modern tool management. What makes this solution special is that, starting from a basic package, you can individually define the type and scope of the services you make use of in each of the four segments. In this way, you benefit from an optimal tool management that is tailored to your own specific company structure and production conditions and that allows you to effectively harness further savings potential.