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100% on-site availability

The right tool in the right place at the right time – that's the central task of good procurement logistics. As a professional outsourcing partner, KROMI offers its customers carefully designed, sophisticated, and precisely tailored logistics solutions in this complex area.

The focus here is on our intelligent storage systems, such as the KROMI Tool Server KTS, the KROMI Tool Center KTC, the electronic drawer cabinet or the new carousel cabinet – all of which act as "hardware" in the KROMI Tool Management concept. Used in combination with the KROMI Kanban system, availability can be increased to 100 percent as a result.

If required, KROMI can also assume responsibility for the entire inventory within the framework of a Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) concept and exclusively organise the entire supply logistics for the tools. That, of course, also includes just-in-time delivery with 24/7 service. This not just ensures maximum tool availability, but also reduces storage and inventory costs to an absolute minimum.

KROMI has the right logistics for every product

"Despite state-of-the-art warehousing technology, cutting tools and their accessories often lie around totally unorganised in various locations in many manufacturing companies. With our modular KROMI Tool Center KTC, we have developed a practical logistics solution that can bring order into such confusion and create 100% transparency through electronic data acquisition and processing. Such solutions include not only our classic spiral and electronic drawer cabinets but also a new carousel cabinet with up to 700 individual positions. And last but not least, our tried-and-tested, well-established KROMI Kanban system. Thanks to our consumption-controlled automatic delivery service, we can effectively do away with the unavailable tools problem once and for all and with very little effort".

Dejan Mikic


  • modular KROMI Tool Center KTC for optimised storage
  • spiral, carussell and drawer cabinets
  • KROMI kanban for small parts
  • 100% availability at right place and right time
  • 7/24h delivery service
  • re-grinding service

Situation without KROMI LOGISTICS

  • high inventory level
  • numerous "hidden" storages
  • frequent defeciencies
  • low cost transparancy

Situation with KROMI LOGISTICS

  • professional storage management
  • minimum inventories
  • 100% on-site availability
  • 7/24h delivery service
Are you interested in taking a technological lead with the help of KROMI Logistics Management? Contact us and we'll be happy to give you the support you need.

KROMI Tool Center

Das KROMI Tool Center (KTC) beinhaltet Einkauf, Disposition, Wareneingang, Lager und Warenausgabe in einem. Ganz ohne Personalaufwand versorgt es die Fertigung direkt vor Ort. Das Artikelsortiment wird gemeinsam mit Ihnen festgelegt und in einem individuell erstellten, elektronischen Katalog auf dem integrierten PC abgelegt. Mitarbeiter können sich am Bedienpult per Chipkarte identifizieren und erhalten so Zugang zum aktuellen Warenbestand. Auf Knopfdruck erfolgt die Ausgabe in den Werkzeugschacht. Das KTC arbeitet als Konsignationslager, bei dem alle Artikel erst bei deren Entnahme gebucht werden.