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Partner of industry

Well positioned for future challenges

As a manufacturer-independent market leader with a broad range of products and services on offer, KROMI is an impressive and resilient company for both its customers and investors that can be relied on at all times.


This unique range of offers has made KROMI a global pioneer in the field of optimising tool availability. The ability to draw on expert knowledge distilled from decades of experience and its profound industry competence in the machining sector are powerful arguments in favour of KROMI today.

At four locations in Germany and at the international branches of our four foreign subsidiaries in Europe and South America, the highly proficient specialists from KROMI are available to serve our customers in a total of twelve countries.

With a wide range of services within our four fields of competence TOOLS, LOGISTICS, TECHNOLOGY and DATA, we provide our customers with individually designed tool management solutions. We operate completely independently of any specific tool manufacturer or vendor and we combine data management, efficient processing and logistics processes, and optimised tool procurement to create a unique competitive advantage for our customers. KROMI consistently anticipates and takes up future developments and stands for the capabilities presented by Industry 4.0. With IT-networked tool management and controlling systems, KROMI facilitates the efficient digitalisation of tool management to ensure optimal processes.