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KROMI technology management

KROMI technology management -

Optimised costs per component

KROMI's Technology Management focuses on optimising machining operations. The main concern of our tool experts in this domain is to advise and support our customers in increasing their productivity and optimising their costs per component.

Our central instrument here is the KROMI Engineering Process (KEP). As an element of a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), it aims to bring about technologically and economically optimal processes as well as ideally coordinated tool deployment plans and NC programs. This is exactly where the KROMI engineering process comes in: the NC program analyses tool costs and identifies weak points.

Special software instruments also support the analysis and enable a meaningful comparison of different scenarios. This delivers the basis for gradually reducing the costs per component through the implementation of specific technical measures. This otherwise hidden potential for rationalisation can thus be converted into capital and can make an important contribution towards the overall competitiveness of the company.

Engineering and technology is important, but in the final analysis it's cost that decides!

"Practically all discussions about the right tool have a technical background. That's not unusual, because innovations in the tool sector are far-reaching thanks to the development of modern high-performance materials. Yet in practice, the machine in question also determines whether a potential can be actually exploited to increase performance. This is where our KEP process comes in: using our NC program, we analyse the costs of a tool on a machine, identify the main cost drivers and then optimise the overall result – the costs per component."



  • KROMI Engineering Prozess (KEP)
  • analysis of cutting processes on machines
  • substitution of cost and time intensive tools
  • technology consulting
  • configuration of machines
  • Tool Life Controller (TLC)
  • CAD/CAM Services (NC programming, robot programming)


  • consulting projects (process, machine, tool, outsourcing)
  • optimisation of manufacturing prozess (KEP)
  • design of new manufacturing prozesses
  • tool definition and development
  • qualification/burn-in at machine level


  • number of optimisation projects (KEP)
  • number of development projects
  • depending on project scope/volume
  • hourly or daily rate
  • monthly covering fee

Situation without KROMI

  • utilisation of cost or time intensive tools
  • missing information about tool life time
  • intransparent costs per component

Situation with KROMI

  • Continouous Improvement Process CIP on machine level
  • cost- and time optimised tool operation plans
  • technologically and economicallyoptimised process chains
  • NC- and robot programming support
Are you interested in possible savings with the help of KROMI Technology Management? Contact us and we'll be happy to give you the support you need.