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KROMI purchase management

KROMI purchase management –

Full variety from one source

Our goal with KROMI Purchasing Management is to organise the entire tool supply of our customers at optimal cost. In doing so, we exploit our organisational and technical experience garnered from almost 20 years as market leader in the field of tool management.

Our employees draw on their detailed knowledge of specific applications in the industry to elaborate bespoke solutions ranging from professional procurement procedures over interim storage to monthly invoicing. With our expertise in the field of machining, we also optimise your processes, reduce your number of tool positions and monitor your costs per component.

A key advantage for our customers is that, as opposed to other suppliers, our operation is manufacturer-neutral and we take over responsibility for your complete procurement logistics right up to the machine itself. We supply not just the tools, but all the necessary products and processes for your cost-efficient machining production as well.

"Our specialisation at KROMI is machining. We have developed models for a cost-optimised supply of tools that enable 1,000 positions to be reduced to 500 without any detriment to the engineering quality. We also apply instruments of controlling that enable us to monitor the costs per component so effectively that we can make concrete proposals to save you costs. Also important is that we are completely manufacturer-neutral and can provide our customers not only with database systems but also with all the data necessary to ensure successful production. Naturally, all these services can be individually tailored to customer requirements."



  • manufacturer independent delivery
  • professional tool procurement
  • own interim storages
  • customer specific warehouse catalogue
  • eProcurement solutions
  • monthly accounting
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)


  • optimization of vendor & article portfolio
  • strategic sourcing
  • procurement operations
  • financing of stock


  • number of active suppliers
  • number of standard articles
  • number of special articles
  • number of kanban items
  • value of stock

Situation without KROMI

  • numerous tool supplier and brands
  • high inventory
  • fixed capital assets
  • numerous tools
  • high risk of depreciation

Situation with KROMI

  • only one tool supplier
  • zero inventory
  • no costs for storage
  • transparant costs
  • no unnescessary tools
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