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KROMI area of expertise "LOGISTICS"

Our intelligent storage systems form the cornerstone of our logistics expertise. These consist of the KROMI Tool Server KTS, the KROMI Tool Center KTC, the electronic drawer cabinet or the new carousel cabinet, all of which act as "hardware" in the KROMI Tool Management concept.

In combination with the KROMI Kanban system, availability of up to 100% can be achieved for almost all articles.

In addition to the hardware, the TCpro software installed on the master KTC is also unique. It was designed in cooperation with the equipment manufacturer and in close collaboration with reference customers more than 20 years ago and has since undergone continuous further development in line with the latest software trends. The advantage of this proprietary Windows-based KROMI software is its flexibility and adaptability to individual customer wishes.

With the so-called Tool Life Controller (TLC), KROMI also offers a system integrated into the logistics concept for monitoring the service life of cost-intensive tools. Here, the output of a new tool can be linked to the input of the service life or tool life quantity. The results are then automatically available in the statistics and evaluation tools as well.



  • Development of decentralised automated dispensers
  • Own product line "KROMI Tool Center KTC"
  • Spiral cabinet, carousel cabinet, drawer cabinet
  • KROMI KanBan system for small parts
  • Consumption data recording systems
  • Online inventory management
  • Delivery quality


  • Warehouse management software "TCpro"
  • User-friendly, intuitive user interface (GUI)
  • Online consumption recording
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Tool Life Controller (TLC) for tool life tracking

KROMI Tool Center

The KROMI Tool Center (KTC) includes purchasing, materials planning, goods receipt, warehousing and goods issue in a single unit. It operates without staff intervention, and therefore without personnel costs, supplying production on-site precisely where it takes place. The range of articles required is determined together with you and stored in an individual electronic catalogue in the integrated PC. Employees identify themselves at the console using a chip card and can thus access the current stock. The required tool is dispensed into the tool shaft at the push of a button. The KTC operates as a consignment warehouse, and the articles are only booked when they are removed.




The KROMI KanBan system combines the expediency and economic efficiency of a mechanical drawer cabinet with professional warehouse management. Carrier tools and built-in parts are managed in an open system. All articles managed in this system remain the property of the customer, but are administered in the central KROMI software. First of all, the minimum and maximum stocks of each article are determined individually. KROMI dispatchers then implement the system and take over the supply operation in defined cycles.

KanBan removal is carried out using a 2-container system and is mainly used for small built-in parts. First, articles are removed from the front/upper container. When this container is empty, it is exchanged and included as a purchase requisition at the next inspection.

The KanBan logistics for larger basic tools is controlled via transfer cards. If the minimum stock level is reached, the KROMI dispatcher triggers an order based on a requirement request and marks the location until delivery with the notice "Article ordered".



KROMI warehouse management software TCpro

The KROMI TCpro warehouse management software was developed in close cooperation with the warehouse systems manufacturers to ensure stable, secure operation of all the logistics solutions in the production environment.

A few examples of the functionality:

  • Intuitive, proven user interface (GUI)
  • Extensive rights/role structure for controlling individual access rights
  • Article-based selection via tool group (indexable insert, drill, etc.)
  • Order-related selection via parts lists
  • Cost centre management
  • Selection of the basic tool with storage location, print option and assigned built-in parts
  • Interactive parts list of built-in parts with all storage locations and print option
  • Optional direct call of interactive parts lists of the production order via scanner (bar or QR code)
  • Optional call via RFID label or transponder (on basic tool)
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