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KROMI Data Management

KROMI data management -

Ready for Industry 4.0

As a KROMI customer, you always know exactly what's happening on your premises. For many years now, we've been offering a high degree of digitalisation through our powerful software solutions and we're well ready for Industry 4.0 as a result.

The KROMI competence field Data Management essentially comprises the areas of eControl (digitalisation of tool consumption), the KWM tool catalogue (digitalisation of tool data, digital twinning, DIN/ISO4000), the central KROMI database (eCloud), and the corresponding web services and visualisation via APP.

A transparent consumption analysis is possible thanks to the data connection between the KROMI supply systems. This data integration documents all the tool inventories and withdrawals seamlessly and in real time. With the help of KROMI eControl KCo, the actual consumption can be allocated to any desired cost centre. In comparison with the real production quantities achieved by the machines, these data can be used to reliably determine the actual tool costs per component and compare them with the plan values.

Our supply systems enable us to monitor inventories online!

"Within the scope of KROMI Tool Management, we at KROMI take on the role of central tool supplier. All our logistics systems for wear parts, such as the KTC and the electronic drawer cabinet ESS, are designed as consignment warehouses where items are not invoiced until they have been removed by the customer. All threads come together here in Hamburg. This means that all the systems in the market are constantly monitored from here and no problems with the availability of these systems can arise."



  • eProcurement system KeC for online ordering
  • consumption monitoring by KROMI Tool Center
  • statistic tools for analysis of costs in real-time
  • tool data acc. to DIN/ISO 4000 ff.
  • CAD/CAM- and ERP interfaces (SAP)
  • KROMI APP for mobile data analysis


  • digital tool catalogue
  • software for logistic systems (KTC)
  • reporting suite (business / technical data)
  • interface solutions
  • remote control


  • number of software licenses
  • software validity period
  • number of users
  • updates
  • licenses for interfaces
  • service volume (per hour, flat-rate)

Situation without KROMI

  • engineering data still in hardcopy form
  • missing transparency of inventories
  • repeated generation of digital data caused by missing interfaces within process chain
  • missing consumption and cost control capabilities

Situation with KROMI

  • digitalisation of tool data acc. to DIN/ISO 4000 ff.
  • realtime cost control
  • CAD/CAM interfaces to tool presetting and simulation
  • ERP-interface to inventory management
  • 100% consumption control of all quantity controlled items
  • mobile data analysis tools
Are you interested in taking a technological lead with the help of KROMI Data Management? Contact us and we'll be happy to give you the support you need.